Registration process

Use the Registration process to allow a user’s mobile devices be paired to users.

Select the type of pairing you will allow for your users. PingID SDK supports two types of pairing:

  • Automatic pairing:

    Registration of a device behind the scenes means that during user authentication, a customer server communicates with PingID SDK to generate a token. The token allows pairing a device to the user. The user is not aware of this, and is not required to type or scan anything.

    Automatic pairing has the advantage of a positive user experience: PingID SDK works behind the scenes, with minimal interaction with a user.

    To implement automatic pairing, refer to RegistrationToken API.

  • Manual pairing:

    Manual pairing is relevant for pairing a user’s first device, when requiring interaction with the user. The end user should enter or scan a pairing key which was provided to them in advance, on their mobile device.

    Manual pairing has the advantage of flexibility. It allows the customer mobile application the following capabilities:

    • Separation of the registration and authentication processes.
    • Management of the logic to determine what the user’s pairing key should match. The customer mobile application logic may choose that the pairing key should match one user, or a group of users. Manual pairing requires the development of new flows between the application and server.

    To implement manual pairing refer to PairingKey API.