Create a new ID verification transaction record for the specified user for web verifications with the POST {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/verifyTransactions request.

A request body is required to create a transaction for web verification.

Property Type Required Description
send_notification Object Optional Contains the endpoint to which notifications are sent
deviceOsType String Required Application device operating system; must be mobile_web

send_notification - Send Notification object

Property Type Required Description
phone String Optional The phone number to send SMS text notifications to
email String Optional The email address to send email notifications to

Application device operating system, deviceOSType, for web verify must be mobile_web. However, all permitted values are: ANDROID, IOS, and mobile_web.

The smartphone receives a single page application (SPA) - an HTML web page containing a code that binds the smartphone to this transaction. Once bound, the smartphone captures identity documents for verification. After completing web verification, it also becomes a multifactor authentication device for PingOne.

The transaction record will be used by client applications when sending a web verification request, and for allowing requests to service providers.