For each verification transaction, you can read documents (such as the images of documents and images of the user, “selfies”) submitted to the transaction for a short time. The documents endpoint, /environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/verifyTransactions/{{transactionID}}/documents, receives all requests for documents associated with the verification transaction. This endpoint returns the data regardless of whether the transaction is ever submitted for verification.

Only those with an Identity Data Admin role are permitted to use the documents endpoint.

User’s submitted documents are retained for 30 minutes after the last document was submitted. Until removed, any number of requests to the documents endpoint can be successfully performed.

Verify document data model {#verify-verify-document-data-model}

These are the properties of the objects in the _embedded.documents array.

Property Type Required? Mutable? Description
id UUID N/A Read-only Document identifier
type String Required Immutable Type of document; can be: Driver License Front, Driver License Back, Driver License Code, Passport Front, Selfie, Phone, or Email
source.provider String Requried Immutable Provider of the documents; can be END_USER, AUTHENTICATED_CLIENT
value String Required Immutable Document, for the format of the document see Document types and values

Document types and values {#document-types-and-values}

Document Type Value
Driver License Front Base64 encoded jpeg
Driver License Back Base64 encoded jpeg
Driver License Code decoded text from the PDF417 barcode
Passport Front Base64 encoded jpeg
Selfie Base64 encoded jpeg
Phone phone number
Email email address