Get a list of verified data submitted by the specified user with the GET {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/verifyTransactions/{{transactionID}}/verifiedData request. Because the size of the data for some types can be quite large, the response to this request only includes the id and type of each. To retrieve the complete data for a type, use READ One User Verified Data to get that specific type of verified data.

Alternatively, you can include a query string with this request to include data for specific types. The query string is type= followed by a comma-delimited string (no spaces permitted) of types to return. The list of available types is in the Verified data-specific data model. For example, to return the data for the submitted government identity document, its front image, and its back image, use: GET {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/verifyTransactions/{{transactionID}}/verifiedData?type=FRONT_IMAGE,BACK_IMAGE,GOVERNMENT_ID. If you submit a type in the query string that is not on the list of available types, it is silently ignored.