The POST /environments/{{envID}}/riskPredictors operation creates a new risk predictor.

Since this example creates a custom predictor, the type property is set to MAP. It also defines the map property to specify the mapping of risk levels to the list of conditions.


See Risk Predictors for the complete data models.

Base data model

For a type value of MAP, refer also to Custom data model. For a type value of VELOCITY, refer also to Velocity data model.

Property Type Required?
compactName String Required
default Object Required
default.weight Integer Required
default.result Object Required
default.result.level String Required
description String Optional
licensed Boolean Required
name String Required
type String Required
whiteList List[] Optional

Custom data model

Property Type Required?
map Object Optional
map.high.list String[] Optional
map.medium.list String[] Optional
map.low.list String[] Optional

Velocity data model

Property Type Required?
by List Optional
of String Optional
threshold Object Optional
threshold.high Integer Optional
threshold.medium Integer Optional
threshold.source String Optional
threshold.calculatedAt Date Optional
threshold.expiresdAt Date Optional
velocity.distinctCount Integer Required
velocity.during Integer Required