The authorization endpoint is used to interact with the end user and obtain an authorization grant. The sample shows the GET {{authPath}}/{{envID}}/davinci/policy/{{davinciFlowPolicyID}}/authorize?client_id={{client_id}}&response_type=code&scope=openid%20profile&redirect_uri={{redirect_uri}} operation.

In this example, the request URL includes the response_type parameter with a value of code, which designates that this authorization request, if successful, returns an authorization code that is exchanged for an access token.

Property Description
client_id A string that specifies the application’s ID.
redirect_uri A URL that specifies the return entry point of the application.
response_type A string that specifies the code or token type returned by an authorization request.
scope A string that specifies permissions that determine the resources that the application can access. This parameter is needed to specify accessible resources.