Updating a policy decision endpoint is essentially the same as a create operation: it associates an endpoint with a specific policy version, or it defines it as always up-to-date. In the former case, the policy configuration is fetched from the Policy Editor Service and stored locally; in the latter case, no policy configuration is stored.

The PUT /environments/{{envID}}/decisionEndpoints/{{decisionEndpointID}} modifies the attributes of the specified policy decision endpoint resource. The sample shows an update to the name, description, authorizationVersion, and recentDecisionsEnabled attributes.

For property descriptions, see Policy decision service data model

Property Type? Required?
alternateId UUID Optional
authorizationVersion.id UUID Optional
description String Required
id UUID Required
name String Required
owned Boolean Optional
policyId UUID Optional
provenance String Optional
recentDecisionsEnabled Boolean Optional
recordRecentRequests Boolean Required