The following sample shows the POST /environments/{{envID}}/apiServers operation to create a new API server endpoint resource associated with the environment specified in the request URL. The request body specifies the name, baseURLs, and value that specifies the UUID for a custom resource defined in PingOne.

For property descriptions, see API server data model

Property Type? Required?
authorizationServer Object Required
authorizationServer.resource Relationship Required UUID Required
baseURLs Array Required
name String Required
operations Map Optional
operations.key String Optional
operations.value Object Optional
operations.value.methods Array Optional
operations.value.methods.element String Optional
operations.value.paths Array Required
operations.value.paths.element Object Required
operations.value.paths.element.pattern String Required
operations.value.paths.element.type Enum Required
operations.value.accessControl Object Optional Object Optional Array Required Relationship Required UUID Required