When you use the POST {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/notificationsPolicies endpoint and specify ENVIRONMENT as the type along with the total field, a policy is created to limit the total number of notifications that can be sent to all users in the environment each day.

In this example, the countryLimit object is used to restrict the use of SMS and voice notifications to the United States and Canada.


Property Type Required?
name String Required
default Boolean Optional
countryLimit Object Optional
countryLimit.type String Required/Optional
countryLimit.deliveryMethods Array Optional
countryLimit.countries Array Required/Optional
quotas Array Required
quotas[].type String Required
quotas[].deliveryMethods Array Required
quotas[].total Integer Required/Optional
quotas[].claimed Integer Required/Optional
quotas[].unclaimed Integer Required/Optional

See the Notification policies data model for full property descriptions.