The GET {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/sharingSessions/{{sharingSessionID}} operation returns the status of the specified sharing session for the user. This endpoint is polled periodically (every 1 second) by the native app to check the status of the sharing session.

The sharing session status is shared with the Credentials Issuance service by the native app through the ShoCard SDK and the internal ID-Routing service. Upon receipt of the sharing session status, the Credentials Issuance service checks the validity of the data shared by the user. The service then updates the sharing session status, and returns this formatted information to the credential issuer for viewing before issuing the credential.

The sharing session status returned helps the native app determine if a success or failed response is to be displayed to the user.

If this request returns 404, the native app will create a new sharing session and start polling on the new session.