The POST {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/sharingSessions operation creates a user sharing session to share the returned QR code with the native app, and to monitor the user’s sharing session status. This operation creates the sharing session resource and returns the sharing session resource URL in the Location header. The sharing session that is created ties the resulting QR code to the data shared by the native app when the app scans the QR code.

The POST body contains the parameters:

Parameter Type Required? Mutable? Description
credentialTypeId String Required Immutable This references the type of credential (a Card in the native app) to use, and determines which Card fields need to be requested from the user. Use GET {{apiPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/credentialTypes to return the IDs for the available credential types.
sendEmail Boolean Optional Mutable (Defaults to false.) If this value is true, the service sends the universal link created for the sharing session in an email to the user’s registered email address.

The response contains: