When a user issues a request for a credential through the native app, the Credentials Issuance service creates a secure browser session for the user. The browser session established enables the exchange and monitoring of user credential status through the native app. This status is also shared with the credential issuer. Creating the browser session returns a unique QR code that is passed to the native app. The QR code is then tied to the data shared by the native app when the app scans the QR code.

Alternatively, you can use the Credentials Issuance (Combined APIs) to both create the user credential, and issue the credential to the user. This reduces the requests to Create a User Credential, and Create a User Session to a single request.

Credentials User Session data model

Property Type Required? Mutable? Description
envId String Required Immutable The environment resource’s unique identifier associated with the user.
userId String Required Immutable The UUID of the user.
sessionId String Required Immutable The UUID associated with the user’s secure browser session established.

Response codes

Code Message
200 Successful operation.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
403 You do not have permissions or are not licensed to make this request.
404 The requested resource was not found.
500 Unexpected server error.