Use the Credential Issuers operations to create a credential issuer profile (enabling the issuance of credentials), and get the credential issuer information.

Credential Issuers data model

Property Type Required? Mutable? Description
applicationInstanceId String Required Immutable The UUID for the application instance registered with the Id Routing service. This enables the client to send messages to the service.
encryptedApplicationInstance Object Required Immutable An encrypted JSON object containing the per-tenant JSON Web Key Sets (JWKS) containing private and public key pairs for signing and encryption. This is used by the client to send end-to-end encrypted messages to native SDKs registered with the Id Routing service. The JWKS is also used by the client to sign registration records for the Id Registration service.
issuerId String Required Immutable The primary key of the issuer.
logo Object Optional Mutable A TEXT object containing the brand logo for the issuer. This can be used when designing the credential for the user device wallet.
name String Required Immutable The name of the credential issuer. This will be included in the credential being issued.
siteURL String Required Immutable The site URL associated with the credential issuer.

Response codes

Code Message
200 Successful operation.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
403 You do not have permissions or are not licensed to make this request.
404 The requested resource was not found.
500 Unexpected server error.