Set up and clone or download

The sample app can not run on a simulator and works only on a device, because the app requires the camera to capture a selfie and and the related user ID documents. The app also relies on the secure enclave on the device for storing information.

  1. Ensure your Xcode is set up with a provisioning profile and a signing certificate to be able to install the app on a device. See the Apple Xcode document Run an app on a device for more information.

  2. Clone or download the PingOne Verify SDK for iOS sample code to your machine and open the P1VerifyApp.xcodeproj file located under the P1VerifyApp directory.

    You’ll find all other XCFramework dependencies required for PingOne Verify in the P1Verifyapp/library directory.

  3. To run the sample app, select the scheme P1VerifyApp --> <your-iOS-device>, and click the Run button.