The PingOne Verify iOS SDK relies on XCFramework components. You’ll need to add these to Xcode for use by your application.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, clone or download the PingOne Verify SDK for iOS sample app. You’ll find the XCFramework dependencies required for the PingOne Verify iOS SDK in the UI Library/P1VerifyLib.xcframework directory.

  2. Add the dependencies:

    a. Click on your target in the project navigator.

    b. Drag and drop the following components to the section Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content in Xcode:

    c. You can optionally include the UI Library, by dragging and dropping P1VerifyLib.xcframework located in the P1VerifyApp/libraries/UI Library directory to the same Xcode section.

  3. To integrate P1Verify component in your code, enter:

    import P1Verify
  4. To integrate the UI Library in your code, enter:

    import ShoLib