After you’ve installed the PingOne Verify iOS SDK:

  1. Download the PingOne Verify iOS sample app.

  2. Add the PingOne Verify iOS SDK UI library.

    The UI library supplies the classes and methods needed for your PingOne Verify app.

  3. Integrate your app with PingOne.

    You need to add your app information in PingOne to establish a connection.

  4. Initialize the IDVService.

    This enables you to send and receive requests and messages to and from the ID Verification service.

  5. (Optional) Customize the UI of your PingOne Verify app.

    You can change UI colors, labels, buttons, and notifications as needed for your organization.

  6. Capture a user’s driver license data or Capture a user’s passport data.

  7. Verify the user’s selfie.

  8. Send the user’s driver license or passport data and selfie to the PingOne ID Verification service for verification and validation.

  9. Get the status of the user’s ID verification process from the PingOne ID Verification service.

  10. Process any notifications sent by the PingOne ID Verification service.