The IdvError class supplies the errors returned from the ID Verification service.

To see the properties, use a constructor to instantiate IdvError, and get the object.

The possible errors returned are all of type String:

Error Description
cannotGetServicePublicKey Thrown by IdvService when it fails to fetch the service JWKS used for secure communication.
cannotGetValidationStatus Failed to get the transaction status from the ID Verification service.
cannotInitializeIdvService Failed to initialize IdvService using either the 12-digit code or the QR code.
cannotSubmitData The request to submit data failed.
cannotUpdatePublicKeys Thrown by IdvService.Builder when the SDK cannot update the client JWKS with the ID Validation service.
cannotValidateIssuedClaim A claim or claims for a successful validation were received, but verification for the claim or claims using the ID Verification service public keys failed.
claimValidationFailed The submitted data packet contains a claim and validation fails for the claim.
failedToLoadSavedConfig Thrown by IdvService.Builder when the SDK cannot find a saved configuration in device storage.
invalidReponseFromIdvService An unexpected response from the ID Verification service was received.