The IdvError class supplies the errors returned from the ID Verification service.

To see the properties, use a constructor to instantiate IdvError, and get the object.

The possible errors returned are all of type String:

Error Description
CannotGetValidationStatusError Failed to get the transaction status from the ID Verification service. Possible causes include: A claim or claims for a successful validation were received, but verification for the claim or claims using the ID Verification service public keys failed.
IdvServiceInitializationError Failed to initialize IdvService using either the 12-digit code or the QR code. Possible causes include: The SDK cannot find a saved configuration in device storage.
CannotSubmitDataError The request to submit data failed. Possible causes include:
  • Failed to fetch the service JWKS used for secure communication
  • Unable to update the client JWKS with the ID Validation service
  • Validation failed for a claim.
EncryptedStorageInitializationError The SDK failed to initialize encrypted shared preferences for secure storage.
EncryptedStorageInitializationError.AuthenticationFailedError The user failed authentication multiple times per the device policy.
EncryptedStorageInitializationError.RequiredAuthenticationNotAvailableError The user device does not have a passcode lock or any form of biometrics enabled or enrolled.
invalidReponseFromIdvService An unexpected response from the ID Verification service was received.