The ApplicationInstance class represents a particular instance of either a ShoCard mobile application or a ShoCard server application.

The ShoCard mobile or server application initially creates a new ApplicationInstance, registers the application with the ID-routing service, and saves the application locally. The application will then always uses the same ApplicationInstance.

The ApplicationInstance class looks like this:

class ApplicationInstance {
  UUID applicationInstanceId;
  JsonWebKeySet jwks;
  String pushToken;
  String osType: String;
  String toJson();
  static ApplicationInstance fromJson(String jsonString);

Use the ApplicationInstance constructor to create the object from the serialized string returned by toJson.

Data model

Property Description
applicationInstanceId The UUID for the ShoCard application.
jwks The JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) the application will use to verify the ShoCard server Java Web Token (JWT).
pushToken A string used to send push notifications to ShoCard mobile apps or callback URLs for ShoCard server applications.
osType A string identifying the ShoCard mobile app or server application operating system.
toJson Serializes the ApplicationInstance object to JSON.