This step associates a sign-on policy action with the new sign-on policy you created in Step 5. The POST /environments/{{envID}}/signOnPolicies/{{policyID}}/actions operation creates the sign-on policy action resource, which is associated with the sign-on policy ({{policyID}}) specified in the request URL.

PingOne includes a MULTI_FACTOR_AUTHENTICATION sign-on policy action type that can return multiple status conditions, which result in more than one operation to complete the sign-on flow.

For a sign-on action that supports a multi-factor authentication action, the sign-on policy action must enable at least one MFA device type. This use case enables the sms and email device types.

In this sample, the priority property is set to 1, which designates this policy as the first sign-on policy executed, if there is more than one sign-on policy associated with the application.