Integration kits include .jar files, configuration files, templates, documentation, and other content packaged with an integration. In this use case, you will search your environment for a specific integration. Once found, you will download the integration kit as a zip file.

The purpose of this use case is to provide a simplified view of the interaction with the PingOne Integration Catalog service. In a real world environment, an administrator would expand upon this example to ensure specific integrations were available. For instance, a PingCloud administrator could establish a connection to the PingOne Integration Catalog to retrieve integration kits and include them in the automated startup of containers.

This scenario illustrates the following common operations:

Workflow order of operations

To download a specific integration binary, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Make a GET request to the /environments endpoint to get the environment resource ID.
  2. Make a GET request to /environments/{{envID}}/integrations to retrieve a list of available integrations, using the filter parameter to provide a targeted result set.
  3. Make a GET request to /environments/{{envID}}/integrations/{{integrationID}}/versions/{{integrationVersionID}}/asset

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