The POST /environments/{{envID}}/identityProviders/{{providerID}}/attribute endpoint creates the identity provider attribute mappings. The attributes HAL link returned in the Step 1 response provides the URL for the request.

It is recommended that you map the PingOne email attribute to the Facebook email attribute. If you do not map a value for the PingOne email address, the user will have to verify their email address when they sign on using Facebook.

The following sample shows the mapping between the PingOne email attribute and the Facebook email attribute.

In the request, the name property is required and must identify a valid PingOne user attribute. The value property is required and must specify a supported Facebook attribute. For more information about supported Facebook attributes, see Identity Provider Management.

The update attribute is required and specifies whether to update the user attribute in the PingOne directory with the non-empty mapped value from Facebook. Optional values for this attribute are EMPTY_ONLY (only update the user attribute if it has an empty value), and ALWAYS (always update the user attribute value).