PingOne Verify enables secure user verification based on a government-issued document and live face capture (a selfie). The user ID information is captured on a user’s iOS or Android device using the customer-created Verify app, and sent to the PingOne ID Verification service. The PingOne ID Verification service interacts with a service provider or providers that verify the submitted user ID information. When a user’s ID information is successfully verified, the PingOne ID Verification service approves the user authentication and sends the ID verification status to the customer Verify app on a user’s device.

Only the ID verification status is retained by PingOne. Any personally identifiable information (PII data) passed to PingOne is deleted by the ID Verification service.

To set up and configure PingOne Verify, you’ll use:

See PingOne Verify transactions flow and Getting started with PingOne Verify in the PingOne Verify Administration Guide.