PingOne Credentials service allows issuers to create verifiable credentials that they can issue to a user’s compatible wallet app.

The issuer creates a credential template in PingOne Credentials that they can use to produce a visual credential to a user. The issuer can define individual fields on the credential in the form of key-value pairs to provide the appropriate details for the service credential they are offering to their users.

Credential details vary according to the industry and the specific credentials the issuer wants to offer. For example, in addition to name and date of birth, an insurance company might want to provide the type of insurance, policy number, and expiry date. A bank might want to include the bank account number and date of issue, and a university might want to include the type of degree, and the class obtained.

To set up and configure PingOne Credentials, you’ll use:

The PingOne Credentials service maintains a unique private-key for each service provider within the PingOne environment. To simplify the creation and issuance of credentials, PingOne Credentials provides APIs that allow customers to interact programmatically and with additional customizations.