This activity shows you how to assign an administrator to an environment who has the permissions to manage the environment, add populations, add users, and assign users to populations. The environment administrator needs both the Environment Admin role and the Identity Data Admin role to manage the environment and its users.

This scenario illustrates the following common operations supported by the PingOne APIs:

Workflow order of operations

To designate an administrator for an environment, the following tasks must be completed successfully:

  1. Make a GET request to the /environments endpoint to get the environment resource ID.

  2. Make a POST request to /environments/{{envID}}/populations to create a population resource for the administrators group.

  3. Make a POST request to /environments/{{envID}}/users to create a user who will be assigned to the administrators population resource and granted environment admin-level permissions.

  4. Make a GET request to the /roles endpoint to return a list of all defined platform roles.

  5. Make a POST request to /environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/roleAssignments to assign to the specified user resource the roles needed to manage the environment.

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