PingOne supports several external identity providers, including Facebook. A configuration in PingOne for Facebook as an identity provider allows users to authenticate and gain access to a configured application using the Facebook sign-on flow and their Facebook credentials.

This scenario illustrates the following common operations supported by the PingOne APIs:

Workflow order of operations

To create a sign-on policy that specifies Facebook as a supported external identity provider, the following tasks must be completed successfully:

  1. Make a POST request to /environments/{environmentId}/identityProviders to create the identity provider configuration for Facebook.

  2. Make a POST request to /environments/{environmentId}/identityProviders/{providerId}/attributes to map the Facebook email attributes to PingOne email attributes. This step is optional.

  3. Make a POST request to /environments/{environmentId}/populations to create a population for users who will use their Facebook credentials to sign on.

  4. Make a POST request to /environments/{environmentId}/signOnPolicies to create a new sign-on policy.

  5. Make a POST request to /environments/{environmentId}/signOnPolicies/{policyId}/actions to create a new LOGIN sign-on policy action, which is associated with the new sign-on policy.

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