Query parameter quick reference


SCIM protocol filtering operators help you fine-tune requests that return a large number of items. The PingOne platform supports several SCIM operators. For the list of supported SCIM filtering operators, see Filtering collections.

Note: PingOne endpoint operations may support only a subset of SCIM filtering operators. In addition, the service may allow filtering only on specific attributes. For example, the /organizations endpoint allows filtering only on the name attribute using only the sw (starts with) operator.

This topic provides a quick reference to show the SCIM operators that apply to a given PingOne endpoint operation. It also provides information about endpoint operations that support the limit filter, the order filter, and the expand filter. For general information about page limits and collection ordering, see Paging, ordering, and filtering collections. For information about resource expansion, see the “Link expansion” section of HTTP methods.

Endpoints that support SCIM filtering expressions

The following endpoint operations allow filtering with the indicated attributes and operators. See Filtering collections for SCIM operator names and descriptions.

Endpoint SCIM operators by attribute
  • startDate: ge
  • samplingPeriod: eq
  • recordedat: ge, gt, le, lt
  • correlationid: eq
  • actors.client.id: eq
  • actors.user.id: eq
  • actors.user.name: eq
  • resources.id: eq
  • resources.type: eq
  • resources.population.id: eq
  • action.type: eq
  • occurredAt: ge
  • name: sw
  • id: eq
  • organization.id: eq
  • beginsAt: lt
  • createdAt: eq, ne, gt, ge, lt, le
  • updatedAt: eq, ne, gt, ge, lt, le
  • default: eq
  • locale: eq, sw
  • deliveryMethod: eq
  • name: sw
  • startDate: eq
  • endDate: eq
  • startDate: eq, gt, ge, lt, le
  • endDate: eq, gt, ge, lt, le
  • enabled: eq
  • population.id: eq
  • {customStringAttributes}: eq, sw (see note below)
  • identityProvider.id: eq
  • externalId: eq
  • status: eq
  • type: eq

Endpoints that support resource expansion

The following endpoint operations support resource expansion using the expand={resource} filter.

Endpoint Target resource
  • expand=passwordPolicy
  • expand=identityProviders
  • expand=identityProvider
  • expand=attributes
  • expand=scopes
  • expand=attributes

Endpoints that support ordering by attribute

The following endpoint operations support resource expansion using the order={attribute} filter.

Endpoint Attribute
  • order=startDate
  • order=beginsAt
  • order=updatedAt
  • order=createdAt
  • order=updatedAt
  • order=createdAt

Endpoints that support page limits

The following endpoint operations support page limits using the limit filter.