Change log

PingOne for Customers API updates

The following changes have been made to the PingOne for Customers API.

Contract change date Contract change description
01/11/2019 The GET /environments/{environmentId}/activities endpoint no longer supports the in (includes) SCIM operator. For more information, see Audit activities and events.
01/21/2019 The data model for SAML application settings requires a leading dollar sign ($) when specifying the expression in the value attribute. For example, "value": "${user.username}". For more information, see Applications SAML settings data model.
01/22/2019 Audit reporting supports a POST operation to retrieve audit events without exposing sensitive or personal filtering information in a GET request URL. The required SCIM filtering expression is specified in the POST request body. For more information, see Get audit activities using POST.
01/28/2019 The flow service no longer uses the /step/{stepId} sub-resource, and it no longer shows multiple statuses and nested embedded resources. The status property in the flow response contains all information about the flow’s current state. For more information, see Flows.
02/18/2019 The following templates are available for use with notifications templates: verification_code_template, recovery_code_template, offline_authentication, and offline_pairing. For more information, see Notifications templates and Notifications settings.
02/20/2019 The syntax for specifying self-service platform API scopes has changed. For more information, see Access services.

More information

For more information about PingOne for Customers product updates, see the PingOne for Customers Release Notes.