Introduction to the PingOne for Customers API

PingOne for Customers is a cloud-based identity as a service (IDaaS) framework for secure identity access management. The PingOne for Customers API gives developers the tools to manage users and integrate enterprise and third-party applications with the PingOne identity and application management platform.

This document describes the PingOne Management API services, which are used to manage your organization’s users and applications, and the Authentication API services, which are used to manage authorization, authentication, permissions, and the sign-on policies that grant users access to applications.

The PingOne for Customers APIs manage access to your organization’s applications and ensure that only authorized users (your customers, employees, and partners) have access to the applications they have permission to use.

API endpoints

The PingOne for Customers API includes the following public endpoints:


    This is the primary endpoint for calling PingOne Management API services. You can use this endpoint to map requests to directory, application management, and user management resources. For more information about PingOne for Customers Management API model and supported endpoints, see Management APIs overview.


    This is the authorization and authentication endpoint called to request the access token required to authenticate PingOne API requests. For more information about the PingOne for Customers Authentication API model and supported endpoints, see Authentication APIs overview.