Initial account configurations

This section describes the requirements for implementing a PingID SDK application. There are different tasks for the admin and developer roles.

Admin setup and configuration tasks

Initial organization setup

PingOne hosts the PingID services, and provides the web admin console for PingID SDK application and user management.

Register for a PingOne account at

Admin application management

Each application must be set up and configured in the organization’s PingOne account, via the web admin console. The development team provides the admin with the application name.

The admin’s PingID SDK application management tasks are detailed in the PingID admin guide:

Developer setup and configuration tasks

In order to develop a PingID SDK application, developers must do the following:

  1. Provide the application name to the admin, and request the admin to create and configure an entry for the app in the organization’s PingID account.

  2. Request the app resources from the admin:

    • PingID SDK settings file
    • Application ID
  3. Download the PingID SDK package from PingID downloads. The package contains:

    • The PingID SDK component for iOS and Android applications.
    • The PingID SDK sample customer server source code.
    • The PingID SDK sample customer server war file.
    • The PingID SDK demo app source code (Moderno).