(Deprecated) The PUT /serverSettings/emailServer endpoint updates the email server settings. If the validationEmail is provided, an email will be sent to the validationEmail using the provided email server settings. The settings will be saved if the test email is successfully sent.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Email Server updated.
400 The request was improperly formatted or contained invalid fields.
404 Resource not found.
422 Validation error(s) occurred.

EmailServerSettings - Email server configuration settings.

Property Type Description
emailServer * string The IP address or hostname of your email server.
encryptedPassword string For GET requests, this field contains the encrypted password, if one exists. For POST and PUT requests, if you wish to reuse the existing password, this field should be passed back unchanged.
password string User password. To update the password, specify the plaintext value in this field. This field will not be populated for GET requests.
port * integer The SMTP port on your email server. Allowable values: 1 - 65535. The default value is 25.
retryAttempts integer The number of times PingFederate tries to resend an email upon unsuccessful delivery. The default value is 2.
retryDelay integer The number of minutes PingFederate waits before the next retry attempt. The default value is 2.
sourceAddr * string The email address that appears in the ‘From’ header line in email messages generated by PingFederate. The address must be in valid format but need not be set up on your system.
sslPort integer The secure SMTP port on your email server. This field is not active unless Use SSL is enabled. Allowable values: 1 - 65535. The default value is 465.
timeout integer The amount of time in seconds that PingFederate will wait before it times out connecting to the SMTP server. Allowable values: 0 - 3600. The default value is 30.
useDebugging boolean Turns on detailed error messages for the PingFederate server log to help troubleshoot any problems.
useSSL boolean Requires the use of SSL/TLS on the port specified by ‘sslPort’. If this option is enabled, it overrides the ‘useTLS’ option.
useTLS boolean Requires the use of the STARTTLS protocol on the port specified by ‘port’.
username string Authorized email username. Required if the password is provided.
verifyHostname boolean If useSSL or useTLS is enabled, this flag determines whether the email server hostname is verified against the server’s SMTPS certificate.