Use the GET /protocolMetadata/signingSettings endpoint to retrieve the certificate ID and algorithm used for metadata signing.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.

MetadataSigningSettings - Metadata signing settings. If metadata is not signed, this model will be empty.

Property Type Description
signingKeyRef ResourceLink Reference to the key used for metadata signing. Refer to /keyPair/signing to get the list of available signing key pairs.
signatureAlgorithm string Signature algorithm. If this property is unset, the default signature algorithm for the key algorithm will be used. Supported signature algorithms are available through the /keyPairs/keyAlgorithms endpoint.

ResourceLink - A reference to a resource.

Property Type Description
id * string The ID of the resource.
location string A read-only URL that references the resource. If the resource is not currently URL-accessible, this property will be null.