Use the POST /keyPairs/signing/{{keyPairSigningId}}/pkcs12 endpoint to download the key pair in PKCS12 format. For a successful request, the PKCS12 file is directly returned in binary format and the response content type is application/x-pkcs12. If an error occurs, an ApiResult is returned in JSON format and the content type is application/json. Due to the sensitivity of the password parameter, the method for this operation is POST rather than GET.

Path parameters

Parameter Value Description
keyPairSigningId string(required) ID of the key pair.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Key Pair downloaded.
400 The request was improperly formatted or contained invalid fields.
404 Resource not found.
422 Validation error(s) occurred.

PKCS12ExportSettings - Settings for exporting a PKCS12 file from the system.

Property Type Description
password * string The password for the PKCS12 file that is created.