Use the GET /kerberos/realms endpoint to retrieve the Kerberos Realms.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.

KerberosRealms - A collection of Kerberos Realms.

Property Type Description
items array[KerberosRealm] The actual list of kerberos realms.


Property Type Description
id string The persistent, unique ID for the Kerberos Realm. It can be any combination of [a-z0-9._-]. This property is system-assigned if not specified.
kerberosEncryptedPassword string For GET requests, this field contains the encrypted Domain/Realm password, if one exists. For POST and PUT requests, if you wish to reuse the existing password, this field should be passed back unchanged.
kerberosPassword string The Domain/Realm password. GETs will not return this attribute. To update this field, specify the new value in this attribute.
kerberosRealmName * string The Domain/Realm name used for display in UI screens.
kerberosUsername * string The Domain/Realm username.
keyDistributionCenters array[string] The Domain Controller/Key Distribution Center Host Action Names.
suppressDomainNameConcatenation boolean Controls whether the KDC hostnames and the realm name are concatenated in the auto-generated krb5.conf file. Default is false.