Use the GET /kerberos/realms/{{kereberosRealmId}} endpoint to retrieve a Kerberos Realm with the specified ID. A 404 status code is returned for nonexistent IDs.

Path parameters

Parameter Value Description
kereberosRealmId string(required) ID of the Kerberos Realm to fetch.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.
404 Resource not found.


Property Type Description
id string The persistent, unique ID for the Kerberos Realm. It can be any combination of [a-z0-9._-]. This property is system-assigned if not specified.
kerberosEncryptedPassword string For GET requests, this field contains the encrypted Domain/Realm password, if one exists. For POST and PUT requests, if you wish to reuse the existing password, this field should be passed back unchanged.
kerberosPassword string The Domain/Realm password. GETs will not return this attribute. To update this field, specify the new value in this attribute.
kerberosRealmName * string The Domain/Realm name used for display in UI screens.
kerberosUsername * string The Domain/Realm username.
keyDistributionCenters array[string] The Domain Controller/Key Distribution Center Host Action Names.
suppressDomainNameConcatenation boolean Controls whether the KDC hostnames and the realm name are concatenated in the auto-generated krb5.conf file. Default is false.