Use the POST /idp/adapters/{{idpAdapterId}}/actions/{{idpActionId}}/invokeAction endpoint to invoke an action for an IdP adapter instance. A 404 status code is returned for nonexistent IDs. If the action produces a download file, the file will be returned directly in the response. Otherwise an ActionResult will be returned.

Path parameters

Parameter Value Description
idpAdapterId string(required) ID of the IdP adapter instance to which these actions belongs to.
idpActionId string(required) ID of the action to get.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Action invoked on adapter.
403 PingFederate does not have its IdP role enabled. Operation not available.
404 Resource not found.

ActionResult - The result for non-download plugin actions.

Property Type Description
message string The message from the completed action.