Use the GET /cluster/status endpoint to retrieve information on the current status of the cluster.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.
403 This PingFederate instance is not deployed in clustered mode.

ClusterStatus - Information on cluster nodes and replication status.

Property Type Description
lastConfigUpdateTime string Time when the configuration of this node was last updated.
lastReplicationTime string Time when configuration changes were last replicated.
mixedMode boolean Indicates whether there is more than one version of PingFederate in the cluster.
nodes array[ClusterNode] List of nodes in the cluster.
replicationRequired boolean Indicates whether a replication is required to propagate config updates.

ClusterNode - Describes a node in a clustered deployment of PingFederate.

Property Type Description
address string The IP address and port this node is running on.
index integer Index of the node within the cluster, or -1 if an index is not assigned.
mode DeploymentMode The deployment mode of this node, from a clustering standpoint.
nodeGroup string The node group for this node. This field is only populated if adaptive clustering is enabled.
nodeTags string The node tags for this node. This field is only populated for engine nodes.
version string The PingFederate version this node is running on.