Use the GET /certificates/revocation/ocspCertificates endpoint to retrieve the list of available OCSP responder signature verification certificates.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.

CertViews - A collection of Certificate items.

Property Type Description
items array[CertView] The actual list of certificate instances.

CertView - Certificate details.

Property Type Description
cryptoProvider CryptoProvider Cryptographic Provider. This is only applicable if Hybrid HSM mode is true.
expires string The end date up until which the item is valid, in ISO 8601 format (UTC).
id string The persistent, unique ID for the certificate.
issuerDN string The issuer’s distinguished name.
keyAlgorithm string The public key algorithm.
keySize integer The public key size.
serialNumber string The serial number assigned by the CA.
sha1Fingerprint string SHA-1 fingerprint in Hex encoding.
sha256Fingerprint string SHA-256 fingerprint in Hex encoding.
signatureAlgorithm string The signature algorithm.
status CertificateValidity Status of the item.
subjectAlternativeNames array[string] The subject alternative names (SAN).
subjectDN string The subject’s distinguished name.
validFrom string The start date from which the item is valid, in ISO 8601 format (UTC).
version integer The X.509 version to which the item conforms.