Use the POST /bulk/import?failFast=true endpoint to import configuration for a PingFederate deployment from a JSON file. All existing configuration will be wiped before the import begins. If any validation errors are found, PingFederate will roll back to the previous configuration. The master key set in pf.jwk must include the key in use when the JSON configuration was originally exported.

Query parameters

Parameter Value Description
failFast boolean(default: true) When set to true, stops the import as soon as any validation errors are encountered. When false, import will continue to validate configuration after the first failure to identify all validation errors. If any validation errors are present PingFederate will roll back to the state prior to the import attempt.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.
400 The request was improperly formatted or contained invalid fields.
422 Validation error(s) occurred.

BulkConfig - Model describing a series of configuration operations.

Property Type Description
metadata * BulkConfigMetadata The metadata detailing how this config was generated.
operations * array[ConfigOperation] A list of configuration operations.

BulkConfigMetadata - Model describing how bulk configuration data was generated.

Property Type Description
pfVersion * string The version of PingFederate this config was generated from.

ConfigOperation - Model describing a list of configuration operations for a given resource type.

Property Type Description
itemIds array[string] The item ID’s for the operation. This field only applies to the DELETE operation type.
items array[object] The configuration items for the operation. This field only applies to the SAVE operation type.
operationType * ConfigOperationType The type of operation to be performed.
resourceType * string The identifier for the resource type the operation applies to.
subResource string The subResource for the operation.