Use the GET /authenticationPolicyContracts/{{contractId}} endpoint to Retrieve the Authentication Policy Contract with the specified ID. A 404 status code is returned for nonexistent IDs.

Path parameters

Parameter Value Description
contractId string(required) ID of contract to fetch.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.
403 PingFederate does not have the appropriate IdP/SP role enabled. Operation not available.
404 Resource not found.

AuthenticationPolicyContract - Authentication Policy Contracts carry user attributes from the identity provider to the service provider.

Property Type Description
coreAttributes array[AuthenticationPolicyContractAttribute] A list of read-only assertion attributes (for example, subject) that are automatically populated by PingFederate.
extendedAttributes array[AuthenticationPolicyContractAttribute] A list of additional attributes as needed.
id string The persistent, unique ID for the authentication policy contract. It can be any combination of [a-zA-Z0-9._-]. This property is system-assigned if not specified.
name string The Authentication Policy Contract Name. Name is unique.

AuthenticationPolicyContractAttribute - An attribute for the Authentication Policy Contract.

Property Type Description
name * string The name of this attribute.