Use the POST /authenticationApi/applications endpoint to create a new authentication API application.

Status codes

Code Reason
201 Authentication API Application created.
400 The request was improperly formatted or contained invalid fields.
403 PingFederate does not have its IdP role enabled. Operation not available.
422 Validation error(s) occurred.

AuthnApiApplication - Authentication API Application.

Property Type Description
additionalAllowedOrigins array[string] The domain in the redirect URL is always whitelisted. This field contains a list of additional allowed origin URL’s for cross-origin resource sharing.
description string The Authentication API Application description.
id * string The persistent, unique ID for the Authentication API application. It can be any combination of [a-zA-Z0-9._-]. This property is system-assigned if not specified.
name * string The Authentication API Application Name. Name must be unique.
url * string The Authentication API Application redirect URL.