Use the GET /administrativeAccounts/{username} endpoint to return the PingFederate native administrative account identified by the user name in the request URL.

Path parameters

Parameter Value Description
username string(required) Username of the administrative account.

Status codes

Code Reason
200 Success.
404 Resource not found.

AdministrativeAccount - A PingFederate administrator account.

Property Type Description
active boolean Indicates whether the account is active or not.
auditor boolean Indicates whether the account belongs to an Auditor. An Auditor has View-only permissions for all administrative functions. An Auditor cannot have any administrative roles.
department string The Department name of account user.
description string Description of the account.
emailAddress string Email address associated with the account.
encryptedPassword string For GET requests, this field contains the encrypted account password. For POST and PUT requests, if you wish to re-use the password from an API response to this endpoint, this field should be passed back unchanged.
password string Password for the Account. This field is only applicable during a POST operation.
phoneNumber string Phone number associated with the account.
roles Set[AdministrativeRoleType] Roles available for an administrator.
USER_ADMINISTRATOR - Can create, deactivate or delete accounts and reset passwords. Additionally, install replacement license keys.
CRYPTO_ADMINISTRATOR - Can manage local keys and certificates.
ADMINISTRATOR - Can configure partner connections and most system settings (except the management of native accounts and the handling of local keys and certificates.
username * string Username for the Administrative Account.