The Directory REST API includes endpoints perform create, read, update, and delete operations on PingDirectory Server entries. Entries are identified in the request URL by their distinguished name {dn}.

Endpoint Examples

In the following examples, an attribute is represented as a key/value pair within the entry JSON object. Attribute values are given as either a single JSON value, or as an array of JSON values, according to whether the attribute is single-valued or multi-valued in the schema.

Individual values can be one of four types: string, integer, boolean, or JSON object. Floating point numbers should be provided as strings since LDAP does not support floating point numbers. Dates are provided in the ISO-8601 format, and binary values are represented as Base64-encoded strings.


"createTimestamp": "2018-05-01T15:04:49.866Z""ubidEmailJSON": [
    "type": "work",
    "value": ""

Attribute names are always case sensitive and must be specified in the exact form as they appear in the schema. These rules apply for both request and response entities.