This control may be included in response to a delete, modify, or modify DN request that included the pre-read request control, and it includes content from the target entry as it appeared immediately before the changes were applied. The control has an OID of, and it takes a value. The contents of the value-json object will essentially be the same as the representation of an entry in the Directory REST API, with the notable exception that all attribute values will be included in an array (even if the associated attribute type is declared single-valued in the server schema). The “_dn” field will hold the DN of the entry, and all remaining fields will represent attributes from that entry.

The following represents an example JSON encoding for the control:

{ "oid":"",
  "control-name":"Pre-Read Response Control",
  "value-json":{ "_dn":"uid=jdoe,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com",
                 "uid":[ "jdoe" ],
                 "givenName":[ "John" ],
                 "sn":[ "Doe" ],
                 "cn":[ "John Doe" ],
                 "mail":[ "" ] } }