This control can be included in a search result entry in response to a join request control in order to provide a set of entries that are related to that search result entry. The control has an OID of, and it takes a value. The following fields may be present in the value-json representation of the value:

The following represents an example JSON encoding for the control:

{ "oid":"",
  "control-name":"Join Result Control",
  "value-json":{ "result-code":0,
                 "joined-entries":[ { "_dn":"uid=jdoe,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com",
                                      "uid":[ "jdoe" ],
                                      "givenName":[ "John" ],
                                      "sn":[ "Doe" ],
                                      "cn":[ "John Doe" ],
                                      "mail":[ "" ] } ] } }