For a user to initiate an ID verification request, the client must obtain an ID verification transaction record from the ID Validation service. The transaction record is created when a POST {{appPath}}/environments/{{envID}}/users/{{userID}}/verifyTransactions request is made.

The transaction record acts as permission for the user to engage in the verfication process. The user can then submit the necessary user ID information (such as a driver license or passport) for verification by the ID Validation service.

Once verified, the transaction record also acts as a tracking mechanism to identify the user provisioned using ID verification. This information is logged with the transaction record by the ID Validation service when the transaction ID is received by the client.

ID verification data model

Property Description
applicationId A UUID indicating the application.
appPublicKey A string containing the public key for the application.
certification A string containg the certification issued upon the completion of ID verification. The certification is in Jason Web Encryption (JWE) format, signed by private key for the identity provider, and encrypted using the public key for the application.
createdAt A date-time value indicating the date and time the ID verification request was sent.
deviceOSType A string containing the application device OS (ANDROID or IOS).
environmentId A indicating the PingOne environment.
expiresAt A date-time value indicating when the ID verification expires. A null value indicates it never expires.
notificationToken A string containing the push notification token.
shocardId A string containing the application Shocard ID.
transactionId A UUID indicating the Transaction ID.
transactionStatus A string containing the status of the transaction. The possible status values are: REQUESTED, IN_PROGRESS, DELETED, PARTIAL, SUCCESS, or FAILURE.
updatedAt A date-time value indicating when the response was received by the identity provider. This can be null. A UUID indicating the user for the ID verification.

Response codes

Code Message
100 Internal error.
101 No record found.
102 Validation process has already been started.
103 Shocard Id is missing.
104 App public key is not set.
105 Certification is missing.
106 Exceeded number of Id Validation attempts.
107 Invalid request.
108 Missing Shared data in request.
109 Error in decrypting data.
110 Face validation failed.
111 Document validation failed.
112 Document validation missing data.
113 Document validation internal error.
114 JSON read error.
115 JSON write error.
116 Failed getting transaction status.
117 Invalid transaction state.
118 Document validation provider internal error.
119 Document validation processing result error.
200 Successful operation.
201 Successfully created.
204 Successfully removed. No content.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
404 The requested resource was not found.