PingOne environments serve as the container for the products and services that are licensed for a specific customer deployment. The Bill of Materials (BOM) service references the products and standalone shared services associated with an environment, functioning like a product registry for the environment. You can optionally add up to five custom bookmarks for each product in the BOM. Users will be able to access these bookmarks from the PingOne dashboard.

You need the Environment Admin role to get the Bill Of Materials for an environment. For more information about roles, see Roles.

Bill of Materials data model

Property Description
console.href A string that specifies an optional, configurable link to a customer’s administrative console for the product, whether the product is in the PingOne platform, PingCloud, a private cloud, or on-premises. If specified, must be an RFC 2396-compliant URI with a maximum length of 1024 characters.
createdAt The time the resource was created.
products[] An array that specifies the products associated with this bill of materials.
products[0].description A string that specifies the description of the product or standalone service.
products[0].id A string that specifies the BOM ID.
products[0].type A string that specifies the Ping Identity product type. Options for PingOne platform products are PING_ONE_MFA, PING_ONE_RISK, PING_ONE_VERIFY, and PING_ONE_BASE. The PING_ONE_BASE product represents the default set of services that an environment can use on the PingOne platform. Options for other Ping Identity products are PING_FEDERATE, PING_ACCESS, PING_DIRECTORY, PING_DATA_SYNC, PING_DATA_GOVERNANCE, PING_ONE_FOR_ENTERPRISE, PING_ID, PING_ID_SDK, PING_INTELLIGENCE, and PING_CENTRAL.
products[0].bookmarks[] Optional array of custom bookmarks. Maximum of five bookmarks per product.
products[0].bookmarks[0].name Name of the custom bookmark. The name must be unique among the product bookmarks and be 50 characters or fewer.
products[0].bookmarks[0].href A valid URL for the bookmark.
updatedAt The time the resource was last updated.

Response codes

Code Message
200 Successful operation.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
403 You do not have permissions or are not licensed to make this request.
404 The requested resource was not found.
500 Internal server error.