The authentications per application service calculates the number of successful sign-on actions for all applications in a specified environment during a specified time period. The count of successful authentications is the total number of FLOW.UPDATED events with COMPLETED status during the specified period.

For example, suppose you want to see the number of authentications (per application) per day for a three-day period starting on September 1, 2019. Requests to this service require the following filter parameter to define the query:

Requests to this service also require the following query parameters to define the query:

The authentications per application service supports limit as an optional query parameter to specify a subset of applications returned in the response. For information about limiting collections, see Conventions.

Filtering data

These SCIM operators can be applied to the following query parameters:

Authentications per application data model

Property Description
endDate The date and time the authentication data collection ends (ISO 8601 format).
partial A boolean that specifies the partial period. This is an optional property that, when visible in the response data and set to true, indicates that the response represents a shorter duration than requested through the samplePeriod parameter.
signons An integer that represents the number of authentications for the application identified by its application ID between the start and end dates of the sample period.
startDate The date and time the authentication data collection starts (ISO 8601 format).

Response codes

Code Message
200 Successful operation.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
403 You do not have permissions or are not licensed to make this request.
404 The requested resource was not found.
500 Internal server error.

Query parameter limitations

The following query parameter value ranges are allowed in the request:

Parameter Value range
samplePeriod [1-8760]
samplePeriodCount [1-1000]
limit [1-1000]

In addition, the following product,

samplePeriod * samplePeriodCount * limit

must be less than or equal to 100,000. If one query parameter limitation is violated, the service returns an error with HTTP status code 400.