You can get active identity counts for a selected environment over a specified time period. The GET /environments/{environmentId}/activeIdentityCounts request must specify a SCIM filtering expression that designates a start date and a sampling period value in the request URL.

The example operation returns active identity counts for the designated number of sampling periods from the specified start date. The end date is set automatically to the current date, and cannot be set manually in the request.

These SCIM operators can be applied to the following attributes:

For more information about SCIM syntax and operators, paging, ordering, and limiting collections, see Conventions.

Active identity counts data model

Property Description
cumulative An integer that represents the cumulative count of unique active identities from the startDate specified in the request to the endDate of the current samplingPeriod.
endDate The date and time active identity count data collection ends (ISO 8601 format).
startDate The date and time active identity count data collection starts (ISO 8601 format).
value An integer that specifies the active identity count for the specified time period.

Response codes

Code Message
200 Successful operation.
400 The request could not be completed.
401 You do not have access to this resource.
403 You do not have permissions or are not licensed to make this request.
404 The requested resource was not found.
500 Internal server error.

Cached responses

A request to retrieve the count of active identities since the start of the parent organization’s licensing period for a given environment is common practice. This request processes large amounts of data and the response can take up to a minute to produce. For this common use case, the response is pre-calculated and cached to return the data quickly. The following request parameters are required to return a cached response:

The cached value for the environment’s count of active identities since the beginning of the license period is calculated and refreshed once per hour.