The GET /{environmentId}/flows/{flowID} operation retrieves information about a flow specified by the flow ID in the request URL.

The status property in the response specifies the next action in the authentication flow.

For a status value of USERNAME_PASSWORD_REQUIRED, the response includes the following HAL links to initiate the next operation in the flow, depending on the sign-on policy:

An action to authenticate with a username and password.

Log in with external authentication

PingOne supports login integration between external identity providers (such as Facebook) and PingOne authentication flows. For example, if Facebook is specified as an external identity provider, users have the ability to sign on to their PingOne account using their Facebook credentials and Facebook’s account sign-on flow.

When external authentication is enabled, the flow initialization response includes the socialProviders embedded resource, which provides the following information about each external identity provider that can be used by the user to sign on:

"socialProviders" : [ {
  "id" : "179a9005-6f26-4294-9388-fcb0e9323353",
  "name" : "Facebook",
  "type" : "FACEBOOK",
  "_links" : {
    "authenticate" : {
      "href" : ""
} ]

The authenticate HAL link can be used to redirect the browser to initiate authentication with the associated external identity provider.